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Who We Are

We are a social enterprise committed to flexible professional jobs. Many of our candidates seek flexibility in work arrangements or are returning to work after a career break.

What our clients and candidates say about us & the results we achieve really matters. It is why we set up in 2015 & the reason we do what we do, everyday.

Hiring isn’t easy, but it should be a positive customer experience!

A growing company needs the right people with the right skills at the right time. Yet, growing Irish companies require specialist flexible skills that go beyond the generic 9-5pm cookie cutter approach.

To save money in hiring, employers are increasingly finding themselves in the “post and pray” mode. Our recruitment and business experience takes the guess work out of finding great talent.

We identifying the right candidate to fulfill that role, not just a bunch of candidates to fill the job.

What our clients say about us

“I love the idea of helping people to get back to work and helping people who have specific skills to find the right match. And I particularly loved Justin’s approach…”

So, if you want to try somebody who is maybe less hype and more quality, just really with his feet on the ground, then I think try TalentForce.”

“…they listen to the need and they critically assess the situation, so they help you clarify what it is you need in the context of what the market place may have to offer

We needed skills, but we didn’t have a full-time job for the people

“…I think that TalentForce is showing them that no, you can go back. You don’t have to be full time, but you can use those key skills that you would have developed.”

They definitely gave the right type of candidate. In saying that, she’s been almost a year with us. She’s excellent. We’ve actually asked her if she’d like to come back full time … you know, move to a full-time row, or move up within
the business, but she doesn’t want to. Her whole point was, she wanted a three-day week, ’cause she has kids at home now. So, that’s exactly what TalentForce is attracting.”

I think recruitment agency is always my last choice, it’s a real, “Only if I have to.” But again, I think TalentForce is a very specific … they’re answering a very specific need. That’s why it’s required. It’s different from a regular recruitment agency.


Justin is a recruitment specialist with over 20 years’ international management experience.

This has included roles in Ireland, UK, Germany & US.  Justin holds an MBA from Cornell University and has worked both in small startups and multinationals over the years.

The idea for talentforce recruitment was born from personal experience in returning to the workforce & hiring talent whilst working for an SME. Since 2004 Justin has been based in Ireland; he is a proud dad to three kids and understands the juggling often required to return to work after time out.

Justin is a member of the Common Purpose network in Ireland; he believes that companies benefit from a wider understanding of their potential positive power in the lives of their employees, local community and of society.


Our recruitment mission is to help connect ambitious Irish companies with highly experienced professionals who are seeking an element of flexibility in their work life.
We believe that flexible hiring is better hiring

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