CV First Aid 2 top tips

The top 2 basic checks for your CV…so easy to fix  & yet so common

– Good afternoon, Justin from talentforce Recruitment. On our mission to help parents returning to work, or simply people are looking for more family friendly or flexible jobs.

Today based on some CVs we’ve gotten through email, there are two recommendations I implore you to deal with on your CVs before you send it out one more time. The first thing is your email address. Do a double check on your CV to double check that you have an email address on your CV. Sometimes when you send your CV into recruiters, it may go into an applicant system, and oftentimes if there’s no email address, it won’t even make it into the system. So double check your email address.


Second paramount, make sure you’re email address represents you well. So if its something related to a trip around the world, or your student days, double check. We see some absolutely crazy email addresses. And employers often see those. Second thing is make sure you’ve got a mobile phone number on your CV.


Again, it may not make it into the applicant system if it doesn’t have one. So, check your phone number. Make sure its mobile, make sure you’re contactable. And check your email address. Two basic things. But 20% of CVs we see coming in do not have these.

Justin from talentforce. Look after yourself, take care.

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