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Find Flexible Talent

Find flexible talent

Growing Irish SME require specialist flexible skills to reach their full potential. We are a social enterprise committed to flexible & part time work solutions that work for companies & employees.


As a business grows, specialist roles often emerge, frequently in finance or sales. These are not usually full-time positions, especially at first, and you don’t’ just have the capacity in house.


We will work with you to identifying their role requirements through listening to your business needs. We pay close attention to the skills and attitude required for the job, possibly suggest parsing the work into self-contained, and attainable, job specifications.

Through our talent community, we specialize in recruiting experienced professionals, including many who are returning to the workforce, have raised families.


We also help give people the confidence and practical help to get back to the workforce, thereby opening up a pool of talent to fill the emerging skills gaps as the economy improves. We prepare candidates to speak authentically about their working hours & needs , frequently sending just one or two candidates forward to interview


We specialize in flexible & part time professional jobs:

  • Marketing, Lead Generation & Sales
  • Book keeping, Finance & Accounts
  • Administration, Exec PAs & Virtual Assistants
  • Business Development & Account management
  • Digital Marketing

Our candidates are unique in their professionalism, focus & career aspirations.

If your organisation has a skills gap then just give Justin a call on (01) 908 1514. We will give an honest opinion of our ability to help.

Our recruitment mission is to help connect ambitious Irish companies with highly experienced professionals who are seeking an element of flexibility in their work life.
We believe that flexible hiring is better hiring

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