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We talk to NLP coach Jason Cooper about how to overcome the fear of networking & how to do it better. Thank you Jason wwwjasoncooper.ie


– Good afternoon, Justin from TalentForce Recruitment, continuing our mission to help people who are looking for family-friendly or flexible jobs. We are all about flexible jobs. This afternoon we’re very fortunate to have Jason Cooper with us.

– Thank you.

– Jason is an NLP coach. Jason, today we’re going to talk about …

– Networking.

– Networking.

– And how to network in a better way. And to move away that fear that you might have had, or you had previously in the past, and bring forward how you just overcome and step over that fear.

– So my image of networking is, the 1980s shoulder pads, people throwing out business cards; it’s …

– The good thing is, the shoulder pads have gone, so we don’t have to worry about the shoulder pads now. So forget that image from your mind. So, number one, you obviously have a business card in your hand, or keeping them stashed in your pocket. So when you assess the room and there’s people talking, have a look at how you can slot into a conversation. If there’s three, and they’re all sort of in a, like a little circle, sometimes it’s slightly harder to break in. You know, people are always happy for you to just come in and just go, “Hi.”

– They are, aren’t they, yeah.

– Just go, “Hi, my name’s Jason.” And then they just look around to you and they go, “Oh yeah, my name’s Roger”; “my name’s Justin,” or whatever. The key thing to do is, when you’re in a networking situation you’re there to network. So, forget about thinking about it, just do it. Because the more you do it …

– Just try it, okay.

– Look at people that are on their own, because they’re really easier to approach. If they’re looking around they’re probably thinking the same as you, so why don’t you just talk about the same things: “Oh I’ve come to this networking thing. “I’ve never done it before; what do you do?” Ask about them; it’s like a date.

– Right.

– So go up to someone, and go, “Hi, my name’s Jason; I just saw you were on your own, “and I just thought I’d come over here and chat to you.”

– “How are you” …

– “How are you.”

– “What do you do?”

– Weather. Talk about the weather …

– Or the traffic.

– Everyone loves talking about the traffic …

– Parking …

– Parking. Talk about stuff that everyone talks about when you first meet them. So, get that stuff out of the way, and then say, “Well what do you do?” Ask them inquisitive questions about what they do, how they do it. If it’s two people, and they’re standing like that …

– Okay.

– A third person standing in the conversation and approaching them says, “I hope you don’t mind “if I come and talk to you guys. “We’re in a networking situation … “My name’s Jason; what do you do?”

– People are very good I find; their barriers to networking tend to be external, rather than … People are there to talk.

– Have your business cards …

– Or a CV, or …

– But the key thing is, don’t, when you first meet them, and I repeat, don’t go, “Here’s my business card,” because that’s just, no one really wants to see that.

– No.

– If there is something of personal interest that you can add some benefit to them, always add something, “Oh I know someone, “I can add something, I can add some value to it. “Here’s my business card, can we talk a little bit further?” Don’t, because, I might be an accountant, you might be an assistant; we’ve got no reason to do any business. We might have reasons to, but we might not. Have a reason to follow up with them. Have an approach that, if they are of interest, excellent. If they’re not of interest, like, you’ve met something great, fantastic.

– Sure, but to me it’s all about repeat; it’s about the next time you go meet that group, you will know two people in the room.

– You know two people …

– The first meeting is the hardest.

– The first meeting’s always the hardest. So get in there, get in a really good state that things are going to go really well, and you come in there to network. So just go in there and network, because that’s what you have to do.

– Sure.

– Think about the networking. The more you think about the networking, the more you’re actually going to be doing the networking; it’s a simple thing to remember, but the more you do it, the better that you become. The better that you become, you become more structured in your approach. So, mess it up; who cares? It doesn’t matter; just get on and do it.

– Goodness!

– Okay, so that’s my advice to you guys out there today, just get out there and do it, and …

– Just try it; but find a group, it’s low risk, it really is low risk.

– It’s low risk; what’s the worst going to happen, nothing. Like they might say, “Oh we’re in the middle of a meeting,” so what?

– Absolutely …

– Okay, then you move off to someone else.

– Just turn around.

– Just turn around and go off to someone else, and speak to someone else that is interesting.

– Jason, do you know what? I like your clarity; you just distill it all the way down.

– Yep.

– So thank you so much!

– You’re welcome.

– Justin from TalentForce Recruitment; Jason is on JasonCooper.ie; he’s an NLP coach. We’re all about flexible jobs, have a look at our website, talentforce.ie, or give us a call 01 9081514. Thanks so much for your time.

– Thank you.

– Take care, bye bye.

– [Announcer] Audio Jungle.

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