Online CVs and jobs boards -how to improve your chances of success

We look at how to succeed when it comes to submitting CVs online. Whilst these are a great tool for parents looking to return to work , they are ultimately ultimately quite passive they are not a replacement for getting out & talking to people

Good afternoon! Justin O’Keeffe from TalentForce Recruitment, continuing our mission to help parents get back into the workforce and supporting working parents. We are Ireland’s only recruitment agency specializing in supporting parents. So, today I want to talk about online CVs, online jobs boards. We’re going to ask the question: is it worth your while? And how can you maximize your chances of success?

Now, these websites, these jobs boards, there is a whole plethora of them, make it really easy, really painless to submit a CV. You put in a basic profile, some of them require that you upload a template CV and some don’t even require a CV at all, you can answer a number of questions and put in a bio. So, it’s simple, it’s painless. The question I would ask myself is: is it too good to be true? So, is there such a tool that will take all the pain and all the difficulty out of finding a new job?

So, I wanted to talk about how these jobs boards, how these databases, how they work and how you can maximize your chances of success. So, the way these work is, these jobs boards, these engines essentially take in CVs, so they take in your CV and the CVs of tens, hundreds, thousands… and if you look at a CV, essentially it’s 2-3 pages of text. It’s 1000 words of text. So, how these work is recruiters will then pay to have access to this and what they would use is keywords and search words to pull out CVs. So they would do keywords and they will on the basis of that, they will pull out CVs. Hundreds, thousands, or maybe a couple of dozen. So the key here of understanding how these work is the importance of these keywords or search words. The quality of the CVs that the recruiter or the company gets out absolutely depends on the keywords that they use.

So, then they all get them in the order of relevance or fit or whatever the criteria are. Now, if you think about this very carefully, you are fully dependent on the words that you have in our CV, that you’ve uploaded. So to give you a very simple example is you have on your CV ‘I’m strong on Microsoft Office’. The recruiter or the company puts in we want somebody who works in Access or works in Power Point. Now, you don’t make the cut because you don’t meet the search words; likely if you said I use CRM systems and in reality the recruiter or whoever it is puts in Sales Force, there’s a mismatch. If you say I’ve used all the currency systems that exist or are prevalent, and they put in Sage, it’s a mismatch. So you need to put in richness of detail or try and imagine the search words that a recruiter or a company is looking for is going to use, the specific search words that a company’s going to use when they’re looking for someone to fill the sort of role that you’re after.

Again, you’ve got to be very careful with the job title. Make sure that the job title that you put in is an industry understood job title and not necessarily a specific one to a certain company. What you might do is you might look at the advert that’s used, you might look at the keywords that are used in that, perhaps weave those into your CV to essentially make it more readable to increase your chances of making the cut. So, we talked before about applicant tracking software, called ATS and this is a screening tool that most companies use now. However, it’s worth saying yes, there’s a machine perhaps doing some interrogation of CVs. At the end of the day you’re going to have to sit down and interview and talk to somebody, so that is the next step. So, yes, it’s changing the business, but there is a human on the other side and the CV you upload is going to be reviewed by a professional who knows your sector and knows your industry.

So, fundamentally, if you think online CVs and take all the pain and all the energy required to find a new role, that’s probably not going to happen. However, there are tremendous tools for researching and essentially it’s a little bit passive. At the end of the day it’s a tool, it’s one of the sweeter things you’re going to do and nothing beats going to talk to people over the phone, networking events, school dates, online recruitment doesn’t change that. At the end of the day, if you can submit a CV for however, it’s online or whether it’s a paper copy, your job is to submit a CV which is professional; it’s targeted for a role, a company, an industry sector. And if you can include in that your examples of achievement and the value added you have done in your various roles, that’s the goal at the end of the day. An online CV is cloud, you really are at the mercy somewhat of search words that a recruiter uses.

So, I hope this has been of benefit and any questions on online CVs, online jobs boards, please let us know, we’d love to help. And any questions on our number: 01-9081514 or email or Look forward to speaking with you soon, take care, bye-bye!

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